Thursday, July 16, 2015

Northern Virginia Impressions

New to the area and a new life with a new car and a new apartment. I love it here, and even though I am not much of an asset to society as of yet, I do have purpose. I also have menial wages but with room to grow and a newfound gusto that did not so much as exist in Bristol. I feel like I am on my own, and things are going to turn out okay.

I live in Great Falls, Virginia and with a very well-to-do family, but Great Falls is, in fact the wealthiest county in the state of Virginia. Not many people in Great Falls rent houses and the houses are owned by families in Northern Virginia who want to tuck themselves away from the urban madness that is Northern Virginia. I have not heard wonderful things about Northern Virginia, or the entire DC metropolitan area, for that matter. People come here for work and for the money, and after having lived abroad for many years, I have alas been spoiled by public transportation. As a whole, if you are coming back to the states from having lived abroad and want more of the same vibe that you had while abroad, I would not recommend Northern Virginia. For my wandering sentiment, I would choose remote countryside and teleworking or else going from neat city to neat city for year to year. But, if you are in need of a job and income, then Northern Virginia can be your place. Getting around and making friends is nearly impossible though.

我已经在北弗吉尼亚有了不长的时间,但是我已经觉得我生活进入了一个新的一段。 的确我是没有真正的工作但是我有点收入也有点有意义的是我在干。 我能工作,但是需要时间, 需要提高我自己的能力和修改一些东西。然后一切就会放松一些。 我已经感觉到比在我在Bristol 的时间好的超级多。 说实话,我比较开心。

Ich bin neue hier in Nord Virginia aber mit neues Auto und neues Wohnung. Ich liebe es heir, und obwohl ich habe keine wirkliche Arbeit, ich habe etwas zu tun und ein bisschen Einkommen. Ich fühle mich wohl und das ist viel besser as früher in Bristol. Alles werde okay sein. 
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