Thursday, May 21, 2015

My Favorite Woody Allen Films

Woody Allen is my idol, and I've decided to rank my favorite Woody Allen films. Elaboration may be included later. 

1) Love and Death I adore every other line in this film. The music (Prokofiev) is also brilliant. The film is the perfect degree of touching and hysterical.

Boris: Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm dead.
Sonja: What's it like?
Boris: What's it like? You know the chicken at Tresky's Restaurant? It's worse.

Boris: I was walking through the woods, thinking about Christ. If He was a carpenter, I wondered what He charged for bookshelves.

Boris: Oh, if only God would give me some sign. If He would just speak to me once. Anything. One sentence. Two words. If He would just cough.

Boris: And so I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. Actually, make that "I run through the valley of the shadow of death" - in order to get OUT of the valley of the shadow of death more quickly, you see.

Sonja: And I want three children.
Boris: Yes. Yes. One of each.

2) Husbands and Wives
3) Deconstructing Harry
4) Crimes and Misdemeanors 
5) Hannah and Her Sisters
6) Manhattan
7) Manhattan Murder Mystery
8) Match Point
9) Bullets Over Broadway
10) Sleeper
11) Annie Hall
12) Everything You Wanted to Know about Sex but Were Afraid to Ask
Following this, I love others such as Stardust Memories, Bananas, Zelig, Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy, Mighty Aphrodite, Melinda and Melinda, Anything Else, Scoop, Midnight in Paris, Vicki Christina Barcelona
And then come ones I am not really interested in such as Don't Drink the Water and Picking Up the Pieces
I've not seen Cassandra's Dream and Irrational Man (2015) but I believe I've seen all his other major motion pictures. 

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