Thursday, May 7, 2009

Just got over tonsillitis in the middle of no where China

Tonsillitis sucked. Being sick in China sucked. Not knowing what is going on sucks.

I had no idea what was wrong with me. I went out with friends out night...some spicy hot pot...and I noticed my lymph nodes were starting to tighten up. What am I fighting? No mind...bring on the spicy food. But not too spicy. (I, of course, order the non-spicy sauce to mix with the spicy food because my tolerance for the spice is below average, needless to say. 我还没习惯了很辣的菜。。。在美国没有吃).

The next morning was death. No, death came later. The next morning was so bad I had to cancel my morning job and go directly to the hospital. The doctor looked down my throat, "Yep, there's a problem in there," and prescribed me to an abundance of pills, none of which works. By Tuesday, I was back at the hospital, cursing to myself and crying by myself. That fucked doctor. Fucker, didn't even bother to take my temperature or nothin'. god dammit. miss western medicine. fuck.

So I see another doctor, and by this time my tonsils have formed white spots. Large white spots that start on my tonsils and work their wayd down deep deep deep to where I can no longer see them. Are they lining my entire esophagus? What the fuck is this? Every concievable illness went through my mind - mono, tonsillitis, strep, gonorhea of the mouth - Everything. I researched for days, probably knowing just as my much as my 20-something doctors. Yeah, that's right, my doctor's were probably my age. One of my doctors was actually 20. I couldn't believe it and still can't. Obviously they aren't schooled the same way American doctors are. In America, if you're a doctor, you have reached the pinnacle. You have worked hard, studied hard, and now the rest of your life will pay off with fat checks, bomb ass cars and private schools for you kids. China. No Way. Way Different. The doctors are paid like 2000 RMB a month starting out, at least here in Sichuan. It's not such a prominent position.

Anyway, so they sorta figured out what my disease was (accute tonsillitis and upper-respiratory infection, although I dont believe that upper-respiratory infection shit and think they just rationalized it themselves out of convenience. You know...American who is used to fresh air suddenly arrives in China and CANT BREATHE). I went to the hospital daily for IV injections of anti-virals and anti-infections, and finally I am sure but with a hefty hospital bill to pay off.


我最近的生活和一年以前特别不一样。 我现在的生活和六个月以前也完全不一样。 对我来说,我现在的生活是有点理想的。 当然有很多方面我想变,但是我慢慢在注意到我心里真的想要的是什么样的生活。 难怪我在老家的时候我那么郁闷。 我那时郁闷的样子是因为我没有工作, 但是也是因为我那时对我...